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Beard Brush

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The Right Tool for the Job

It takes the right tools to achieve great style, and few tools are as essential as the Beard Brush. Made with 100% natural hair, the stiff bristles exfoliate the skin beneath your beard, removing itchy dead skin while also distributing sebum evenly along the hair shafts—helping to keep your beard clean, healthy, and shiny. The Large Brush is perfect for all shapes and sizes of beard, use the Travel Brush for your mustache and on-the-go grooming, and the Round Brush is your go-to for beard styling.



Natural hair is similar to human hair, allowing the natural hair Beard Brush to work through your beard without damaging the hair follicles. Additionally, natural hair bristles are stiffer than nylon or other synthetic materials used in other brushes. Those stiff natural hair bristles help break up debris and residue from styling products that get caught in your beard and on your skin. They also can help unclog pores—helping combat ingrown hairs—and stimulate blood flow to your hair follicle. The stiff bristles may hurt a little—in a good way—and help keep your beard and the skin beneath looking its best.



Start with a dry beard. Begin brushing your beard at the bottom and work your way up. Next, work the bristles through your entire beard to help remove any debris or dust that has settled in the hairs. Apply a few drops of Beard Oil and use the brush to distribute the oil evenly through your beard.